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"Man Appearing on This Earth Forgets God, 
And Falls Into Many A Trap"

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From The Book: "The Pearl of Wisdom" or Guru Mani"
By His Holiness M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us) 
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Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim - In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most

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The One True Concept - Behind Our Life
The Nature - of The Book, "The Pearl of Wisdom" or "Guru Mani"
The Nature - of The Human Body
The Nature - of Human Consciousness
The Nature - of Human Salvation
The Nature - of The Work of Children of God In This Age
The Nature - of The Work of His Holiness In The World
The Nature - of The Children of His Holiness

The One True Concept - Behind Our Life - back to outline

Man appearing on this earth, forgets God and falls into many a trap.  He does not know to seek himself (within himself), although God exists within man.  This "Guru Mani" is to explain this concept in detail (see "Chapters 010203, and 04). 

The Nature - of The Book, "Guru Mani" - back to outline

Oh my beautiful brethren, take in every word of the secrecy of "Guru Mani" with your capacity to understand and entrench it in your heart.

It will remove the sorrows of your birth and be of assistance to you.  Absorb every word into your clear tranquil heart with incisive feeling and make it into a form.

The Nature - of The Human Body - back to outline

Seek to know with clarity the Primal One who stands in stately grace (within you).  Face the personal interview test of the Primal One with clarity.  Know the manner of the 
elegant twenty eight letters (see "Chapter 30") that form the parts of the human body. Know the glory of the human form and realize the greater bliss of reaching the Primal One.

Take all the lessons learned in all the birth.  Divide them individually, letter by letter, and study each with knowledge.  Assimilate these lessons correctly.

The Nature - of Human Consciousness - back to outline

Know the esteemed state of the Lone One.  Use your wisdom and separate individually the six (kinds of) consciousness.  Remove the wasteful substance and make the remedy that shows the immanent Primal Being's beautiful substance which provides joy in this world and in the hereafter, and causes the flood of compassion to beat against the shore

The Nature - of Human Salvation - back to outline

Realize this with a melting heart.  You will get rid of the sixty four evils and destroy the inherited three evils that follow you.  The vast sea of sorrow will disappear.  May the courageous beings read "Guru Mani" with determination.

O my dear children, be informed that this "Guru Mani" will reduce into matchwood the evils that follow you and the evils that spread.  It will erase the residue of committed sins. These graceful words of the Guru are ancient and glorious words.  They will tear the entirety of your sins.

The Nature - of "The Work" of The Children of God In This Age - back to outline

O my children, as precious to me as my eyes, learn the six tastes of the "Guru Mani". Be clarified. Be aware. Feel. Conduct yourself with enlightenment.

Separate each section, individually. Contemplate in solitude. Each section will reveal and illuminate the truth (see "Chapter 21").  

Kindle the light of your heart in silence.  Forget yourself. Speak and lose yourself. Talking alone with intensity, say, "He is One".  Your soul will elevate itself. 

The Nature - of "The Work" of His Holiness In The World - back to outline

These are gracious words emerging from the tongue of humble Bawa, the unclean stinking corpse, without his will and without his knowledge.  However, these are words of reason, justice, and virtue.  They have the grace of the Primal One.

If there are any faults or flaws in these words coming from the tongue of this humble sinful Bawa, bear with me my brothers who read this, who listen, and who contemplate.  Bear with me for the sake of the Primal One, for the sake of Allah.

Forgive me if there are any faults in the words, in the songs, and in the meaning of the words of this humble Bawa, the lowest of all creations, worse than the dust and the fiber thrown away by the Primal One.  Let those who are knowledgeable correct any faults. Forgive me the wrong and accept the good.  So I request.

The Nature - of The Children of His Holiness back to outline

My brothers who accept "Guru Mani" which this poor ignorant Bawa sang, and who read it with clarity are the Creator's beings of grace.  They are the great beings of this world.  May Allah's grace be upon them. 

"The End" 
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